Living Paintings: bringing art and stories to life for blind people

Living Paintings helps blind children to experience the joy of a picture book.

Royal Society for Blind Children: thriving under difficult circumstances

When COVID-19 hit, the Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC) feared it would have to cut back services. Instead, with the support of a loan it increased its reach by 40%.

How values-based banking can help us build a better society

Charity Bank’s Mark Howland, Director of Marketing & Communications discusses how values-based banking can help us build a better society.

COVID-19 Emergency Funding for Charities and Social Sector Organisations

Cash flow has been a growing cause for concern within the sector for a number of years.

COVID-19 Resource Hub for Charities and Social Enterprises

COVID-19 has created extra challenges for the social sector. Many of your staff may now be working from home. You may have had to cancel events and change how you support your service users.

Resilience and Recovery Loan Fund

Working capital loans for charities and social enterprises experiencing disruption to their normal business model as a result of COVID-19.

A Director’s perspective: a loan to protect our future

Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA) has been offering affordable creative studios in London for more than 20 years. The social enterprise rented several buildings, but knew it needed to move to ownership to secure its long-term future.

Second Floor Studios & Arts: Supporting London’s creative sector

Find out how a £2.7m loan is helping Second Floor Studios & Arts to restabilise the affordable artist studio sector through its acquisition of 30,000 sq. ft. on a 250-year leasehold giving 110 artists and other creative businesses the space to create.

What’s in a label?

Charity Bank has many awards and accreditations attesting to our social mission – but what do they all mean exactly?