Building Resilience through Good Governance – a lesson from Derby’s Quaker past?

Shivaji Shiva, Charities Partner at the law firm VWV, shares the surprising insights from Quaker practice that could re-energise your decision-making.

Freedom from renting: A YMCA CEO's perspective on loan finance

YMCA Burton on Trent helps homeless young people to get their lives back on track. CEO Paul Laffey explains how buying their property has enabled them to make improvements to the building and develop their furniture strategy for the long term.

Charity Bank named among Best for the World in global business honours (for third year in a row!)

We’re honoured to have been named among companies that are Best for the World for the third year in a row, selected from more than 2,500 Certified B Corporations.

“Discipline makes daring possible”

Kate Sayer, Consultant at Sayer Vincent, Trustee at Association of Chairs and Director at Charity Bank, shares her experience in innovation & risk in the charity world.

Lessons from the Oxfam Scandal

Peter Spencer of Wellers Law Group reflects on the lessons which can be learnt from the Oxfam crisis and how the Charity Commission’s Report can help charities review their governance procedures.

Keeping it Local: Challenges & opportunities faced by community businesses

Mick McGrath, Development Officer at Locality, discusses the challenges & opportunities faced by community businesses.

Why no-deal Brexit is looking more likely, and what you can do about it

Chris Walker, Public Affairs Manager at NCVO (The National Council of Voluntary Organisations), discusses the current political environment and how charities can prepare.

Building Resilience – Far more than a charity checklist

Robin Fallas, Partner at MacRoberts LLP in Edinburgh, discusses how to build resilience as a social purpose organisation.

The funding landscape post-Brexit: What is state aid & what should charities look out for?

Peter Parker, Partner at Wrigleys Solicitors LLP, shares his view on the funding landscape post October 2019, including some common misconceptions as well as opportunities.