Ethical Easy Access Account: Wadars Animal Rescue

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What better way to celebrate a charity’s 50th anniversary, than opening a new centre and finding an ethical way to look after surplus funds?

Wadars has been taking care of injured wild animals and abandoned pets since 1969. Until recently, the Worthing-based charity relied on volunteer fosterers and commercial kennels and catteries to house the animals on its behalf, but in January, it opened the first phase of a purpose-built animal rescue centre. The centre can now offer a temporary home to over 30 cats and kittens until their forever homes can be found, and over 50 birds, hedgehogs and other wild animals, while they gain their strength before being released back into their natural environment.

Wadars Animal Rescue Charity

Wadars is a leading animal welfare charity and has been rescuing wildlife and rehoming companion animals since 1969.

The new centre will have ongoing running and maintenance costs. Together with vets’ fees, pet food and other costs, this means Wadars needs to raise £450,000 every year. Some of this money comes from regular donations, but much of it comes through legacies, so it’s vital that the charity has somewhere it can save its money ethically.

Julie Toben, Director of Development, explained, “As with any charity, we need to keep funds in reserve, so that we can plan for the future. We are very proud that more than 90p in every £1 goes directly to animal welfare and it’s important that those savings aren’t then used to do harm. We wouldn’t want our money to end up being invested in cosmetic companies that test on animals, for example.”

Julie first heard about Charity Bank through one of our borrowers and was keen to find out more, so Business Development Consultant Steve Russell went to meet her at the new centre. Julie wanted an ethical account that offered a good return. She also needed flexibility, as the charity didn’t want to lock its money away for several years. Steve was able to share details of the Ethical Easy Access Account, which allows savers to add and withdraw money when they need to, and he helped Julie to fill in the necessary paperwork.

Julie said, “I feel that we’ve found the right home for our savings. With Charity Bank, our money is safe and earning interest, and we have the added benefit of knowing it’s helping to support other charities and community projects.”

Wadars group photo

Some of the animals that are residents at Wadars.