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Read reviews from our savings and loans customers.

Reviews from Charity Bank borrowers:

“It was a significant step for us to take out debt against our main asset. Charity Bank’s personal way of working was the key to easing this process. They really listened to us and our concerns and came up with tailored solutions to help. Their support has been ongoing with regular contact. It’s quite a unique thing to know someone is always at the other end of the phone to answer any queries.”
Sandra Schembri, CEO at The House of St Barnabas

“Right from the outset, Charity Bank has been excellent – the team really understood us. It felt more of a partnership than a client relationship! We’d definitely recommend Charity Bank to other charities and social enterprises.”
Jill Law, Chief Corporate Officer at YMCA Black Country Group

“Working with Charity Bank you receive more than just a loan. You also get a supportive relationship you wouldn’t normally find with a mortgage provider. Our account manager has always been very interested in what we do and is always available to talk. We know that Charity Bank is as committed to the continued success of the centre as we are, and we would always look to them first if we needed a loan.”
Louise Walker, Centre Manager at Swindon Therapy Centre

“Charity Bank offered us a loan and were brilliant. Some challenges and unexpected difficulties came up along the way, but Charity Bank remained supportive and flexible throughout.”
Gilly Simpson, Holne Community Shop & Tea Room

Kingsley Church

Child using the facilities at Charity Bank borrower Kingsley Hall Church & Community Centre. © Lucy Hunter

“As soon as we met the team at Charity Bank we could tell there was an excellent alignment of values and we were really keen to work with them. We didn’t want to simply take out a loan from a commercial lender but rather to develop a partnership with a lender that understands and shares our sense of community and social impact. This has been clear with Charity Bank throughout the whole process and it’s been really rewarding working with them.”

Chris Kapnisis, Director and Church Leader at Kingsley Hall Church & Community Centre

“It’s invaluable to have a lender who truly understands your model and who can fully support your ambitions and social objectives. It was immediately clear from our first meeting with Charity Bank that they met these needs. It’s been such a rewarding relationship and we’re now in the process of taking out a second loan.”
Mark Lawler, Managing Director at Baltic Creative CIC

“This has been my first experience of social investment and it’s really opened my eyes to what’s available out there. Through Charity Bank we’ve not only received a loan but have been introduced to a whole network of organisations that offer additional support that goes beyond funding.”
Alexis Michaelides, Founder and Managing Director at Big Creative Education

“As a social enterprise, we would have struggled to get the funding we needed from a high-street bank, even though it wasn’t a risky project. Thankfully, Charity Bank understand charities and social enterprises. They listened to us and we’ve had a good relationship with them from day one. As with any new business, the first couple of years were quite hard for us, but Charity Bank team were very supportive. It was important to us to have a real person we could talk to and Charity Bank gave us that. If we ever needed another loan, they’d be our first port-of-call.”
Dafydd Jones, Business Consultant at Gwesty Seren

“It’s been so amazing and refreshing working with Charity Bank and we’ve built up a great relationship with the team. None of what we’ve achieved would have been possible without Charity Bank. It was their initial investment in us that led to other grants and loans becoming available so that we could continue to grow.”
Tessa Stickler, General Manager at Folkestone Sports Centre Trust

Cosgarne Hall

Cosgarne Hall. © Lucy Hunter

“Working with Charity Bank, you can actually call your manager and have a conversation, knowing full well that they will understand you, have been to see you and will always be flexible. Charity Bank’s sector experience has brought invaluable support and knowledge to us. They have always acted with our best interests in mind.”
Malcolm Putko, Asset and Operations Director at Cosgarne Hall

“I can honestly say that it’s been excellent working with Charity Bank. All our interactions have been both helpful and supportive. I think this primarily comes down to the fact they really took the time to get to know us and understand our specific needs.”
Matthew Cornish, Fundraising and Development Manager at The Bevern Trust

“We are a social enterprise and working with a social lender has been important to us... Charity Bank is different and understands how we operate and the importance of the enduring impact we are trying to make.”
Ian Bright, Managing Director at Totnes Renewable Energy Society

“Not only did Charity Bank give us the financial support to realise our ambitions, but also provided much wider business advice and access to peer support from other charities. They were so supportive throughout the whole process and were as excited about and invested in our plans as we were.”
Rebecca Homewood, Director of Business Development and Marketing at Burrswood Health & Wellbeing

“Working with Charity Bank was simply a logical fit for us. We are a values-based charity and finding a lender with a similar ethos was important. Most banks simply exist to make money. Having access to a social lender like Charity Bank, who care about creating a positive social impact is critical for supporting charities like ours.”
Andrew Phillips, Chief Executive at Parchment Trust

“The primary reason we chose to work with Charity Bank was because of its social values. As a charity, we’re really keen to make sure we trade with people who share our ethos of doing good. This shared philosophy also shows in the way Charity Bank has interacted with us over the years. At annual reviews, they don’t simply ask about the balance sheet and the bottom line but are always more interested in what it is we’re doing for people and the impact we’re having.”
Mark Sharman, Chief Executive at Help & Care

“We chose Charity Bank because we could see their approach fitted well with our ethos of working ethically. We’ve developed a close working relationship with Charity Bank and its staff, some of whom now even come to volunteer with us.”
Jon Weller, Director of Community Services at Imago

“Working with Charity Bank has always been easy. They are co-operative, flexible and what you sign up for is what you get; there are no surprises.”
Richard Hadfield, Treasurer at Fivehead Village Hall

Reviews from Charity Bank savers:

“The service we’ve received through Charity Bank has been first rate. It’s good to know there’s a team of people working behind the scenes to support services that enhance what we do. We need reserves in place to ensure our future, so it’s great that our money can be put to good use, even when we’re not directly using it ourselves.”
Carlton Smith, CEO at Bradford Trident

“I like initiatives that enable people to earn money in a sustainable way and find their own solutions to problems, rather than just having things done for them. It’s those types of organisations that are bringing about real change and I want to support them. Charity Bank helps me to do that. I’ve had my ISA with the bank for over a year now. It’s really encouraging to read about the organisations that Charity Bank supports. You can see that your money is genuinely doing something good.”
Rebecca Fricker, Ethical ISA customer

“It’s important to me that my money isn’t being used for harm. I don’t want it invested in companies that treat workers poorly, for example. I also want to know that it’s doing something positive right now, not just sitting there waiting for a time when I might need it in the future. Charity Bank works with some tremendous projects; they’re often ones I would have wanted to support anyway.”
Clem McCulloch, Ethical ISA customer

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