A Chief Officer’s perspective: 10 years with Charity Bank

It all started with a pen … Back in 2011, a chance meeting led to Age UK Herne Bay taking out an ethical loan with Charity Bank. 10 years and a second loan later, what does the charity’s Chief Officer, Sue Cliffe, have to say about the relationship?

A director’s perspective: Why the largest solar project of its kind chose Charity Bank

On the day Energise Barnsley launched, the government announced significant changes to the feed-in tariff. As a result, the mutual society needed to work quickly to realise its plans. And it needed a loan provider that cared about more than just the finances.

A Chief Executive’s perspective: Using a loan to centralise services

Watford Mencap was operating out of various sites, one of which was very run down. In order to bring all the services together in one place, the charity needed to buy a larger property – not easy in a small borough within commuting distance of London.

Askrigg Foundation: Accessing finance for community-led housing

Community-led housing projects can find it hard to raise funds. Charity Bank provided a loan totalling £130,000 to the Askrigg Foundation to convert a rundown building into a community shop and three new affordable homes.

A Managing Director’s perspective: using loan finance to reduce risk

Housing charity Chrysalis is working to reduce its reliance on leased properties by increasing its property ownership. A £666,000 loan has enabled Chrysalis to refinance one property and purchase another.

COVID-19 Emergency Funding for Charities and Social Sector Organisations

Cash flow has been a growing cause for concern within the sector for a number of years.

A Director’s perspective: a loan to protect our future

Second Floor Studios & Arts (SFSA) has been offering affordable creative studios in London for more than 20 years. The social enterprise rented several buildings, but knew it needed to move to ownership to secure its long-term future.

10 free tools to help your charity grow

Imagine if you could boost your funding, raise your profile and improve your social impact without emptying your pockets? Here's a list of free tools to get you off to a great start.

“We’re getting £5 million of assets for less than £1.5 million of loan finance”

YMCA Thames Gateway has taken a different approach to affordable housing. The charity’s 39 new flats were built off-site, saving time, money and disruption. The scheme attracted a grant, which together with Charity Bank’s loan enabled the project to go ahead.