Business Saver Case Study: Jane Thurnell-Read of Life-Work Potential

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Jane Thurnell-Read has been running her own business, Life-Work Potential, for almost 30 years.

She tries to make ethical choices in both her business and personal life, including donating 50% of her personal income to charity and saving her corporation tax in a Charity Bank Ethical Easy Access Account.

Jane, who lives in Devon with her partner, believes that choosing to spend and save ethically is one of the most powerful actions we can take towards creating a better world.

“Life-Work Potential sells test kits to kinesiologists, naturopaths, chiropractors and other professionals around the world. We’re a niche business and one of the biggest of our kind. One of the reasons customers come back to us is our integrity. They trust us. Our staff get paid at least the recommended living wage and we try to offer flexible working wherever possible. We also use green energy and recycled paper.

“I try to make ethical choices in my personal life too. I donate 50% of my personal income after tax to charity. People seem to think you only get money by exploiting people, but every time I’ve increased the percentage I donate, my business has flourished. The amount I’m giving has increased, but the pot has increased even more. I don’t believe in karma, instead I think it works like a massive affirmation – I’m saying I believe in my business – that more money will come. Plus, at the level I give, I know I’m making a real difference, including saving lives and stopping people from going blind. That’s a pretty big motivator!


Jane Thurnell-Read, Life-Work Potential

“Ethical finance is important to me and to my business. I want to use the money I have to support the world I want, rather than the world we’ve got. I’ve been with Charity Bank for about a year and a half now. I went to their reception and awards ceremony earlier this year. It was good to hear about some of the causes being supported and to learn a bit more about Charity Bank. The team really seem to care – it’s not just about lending money to make money.

“The way you save or spend really does make an impact. It’s one of the most powerful things individuals can do. Just look at the effect that divesting from fossil fuels is having – businesses like Shell will have to adapt if they want to remain viable. I think it was Mother Teresa who said, ‘Don’t complain about the darkness; light a candle.’ We all need to be lighting a candle. They’re small, but if we don’t do it then nothing will change. And the more people who do, the bigger the effect.”