‘Bank On Us’ campaign, reducing the costs associated with loan finance

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As part of our pledge to do more to support the social sector, we have launched our ‘Bank On Us’ campaign to reduce the costs associated with taking on a new loan or refinancing an existing loan.

Our offers: if you make a loan enquiry with Charity Bank by 31st August 2018 and sign a loan agreement with Charity Bank on or before 31st December 2018 for a loan of at least £250k, we will:

1) charge you no arrangement fee (if you are refinancing a loan from another provider); or

2) make a contribution towards your legal and professional fees (for new loans).

New Loans

Loan amount

Pledged loan offer

New loans £250k to £499k

up to £1,250 towards legal and professional fees

New loans £500k to £999k

up to £2,500 towards legal and professional fees

New loans £1m to £2m

up to £5,000 towards legal and professional fees

New loans over £2m

up to £10,000 towards legal and professional fees

Refinancing Loans

Refinancing of loans from other providers (£250k or more)

No arrangement fee

For more information on our loans, browse the following page or call us on 01732 441919.


All loan enquiries

1. This offer is open to all new and existing loan enquiries, provided that (i) the enquiry is for a loan of £250k or more, and (ii) we have not, as at 3rd April 2018, received a signed loan agreement in respect of that enquiry.

2. New loans of £250k or more to existing customers are eligible for this offer.

3. We define a ‘loan enquiry’ as contact with Charity Bank to discuss the financing of a specific project. For the loan enquiry to qualify for this offer it must be received by us by 31st August 2018.

4. To qualify for this offer you must sign and return our loan agreement (in agreed form) and pay the arrangement fee (if applicable) by 31 st December 2018. The loan may be drawn at a later date in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement.

5. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

6. For the avoidance of doubt, the two offers are mutually exclusive. Offer 1 relates to the refinancing of a loan from another provider and offer 2 relates to new loans.

7. This offer is inclusive of VAT.

8. For further details, or to confirm whether your organisation is eligible and to ensure that your loan enquiry is recorded on our system, please contact our loans team on 01732 441 919.

9. For further details on Charity Bank’s loans, visit www.charitybank.org/charity-loans or contact our loans team on the above number. Interest rates are negotiable.

10. Charity Bank’s standard arrangement fee is 1% flat on the agreed loan but may vary depending on the complexity of the transaction.

11. We reserve the right to change these terms at any time, including to end or extend this offer. Wherever possible we will give prior notice of any such changes on our website at www.charitybank.org/offer.

Additional terms for new loans

12. Charity Bank will pay the relevant contribution to you towards your legal and professional fees within 30 days of receiving from you satisfactory evidence that you have paid legal and professional fees as a direct result of entering into the relevant Charity Bank loan agreement. This would usually be a receipt from the relevant firm(s). You agree that Charity Bank may contact the relevant firm(s) to verify the accuracy of the claim and for audit purposes.

13. If the legal and professional fees you have paid (including the VAT element) are less than the amount stated in the above offer, Charity Bank will cap its contribution at the total amount you have paid.

14. Evidence of payment must be submitted and accepted by Charity Bank by 5.00 p.m. on 31st March 2019 for you to qualify for the payment. After this time, Charity Bank will have no obligation to make any contribution.

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