Are your reserves invested in line with your charity values?

By Feb 07, 2018

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Charities exist to make a positive contribution to society, often making a big and measurable difference to the communities in which they operate.

Whether it is helping those who are homeless, supporting children living in poverty, or protecting the environment, we are inspired daily by the charities with whom we work.

As 2018 gets going we have seen a growing number of charities review their mission and values, looking at them from a new perspective. Do they just apply them to the programmes being delivered? Or do they trickle through every aspect of the charity?

For example, are the charity’s reserves being invested by your bank in a positive way or in a way that is undermining your mission? Do you even know if your bank has an ethical investment policy? If that is important to you are you confident that your money is being invested in ways in which your charity would approve?

There is another way. Switching your savings to an ethical bank could give your charity reserves a new purpose this year and possibly earn more interest for your organisation.

For example, our range of ethical savings accounts offers competitive rates of interest and eligible deposits up to £85,000 are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, the UK’s deposit guarantee scheme.

Because Charity Bank uses its savers’ money to fund loans to charities and other social sector organisations, your money can be a powerful force for good whilst also earning a fair return. Why not consider opening a savings account with Charity Bank to grow your charity’s social impact in 2018?

Justin Hort is Head of Savings at Charity Bank, the ethical bank owned by the social sector. You can email Justin at or view details of Charity Bank’s savings accounts on the Charity Bank website.