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Burrswood Health and Wellbeing

Stop 38 - Friday 05th October 2018

Burrswood Health & Wellbeing: providing care for the whole person

Burrswood Health & Wellbeing offers whole person care to patients and guests for recovery, recuperation, rest and relaxation. The charity received a Charity Bank to support it as it underwent an important restructuring. Director of Business Development and Marketing Rebecca Homewood shares how vital this ethical loan was in helping Burrswood Health & Wellbeing refocus their care programme.

“Burrswood was founded in 1948 by Dorothy Kerin, who experienced a ‘miraculous healing’ after a long period of ill health. She dedicated the rest of her life to helping heal others; not only physically, but spiritually. This is where the central ethos of Burrswood comes from, something we call ‘whole person care’. We don’t simply look after an individual’s physical needs but aim to also deliver emotional, mental and spiritual support as and when needed.

“Over the past 70 years, Burrswood has undergone several transformations and until quite recently, we were primarily a hospital providing palliative and long-term care. This model was no longer proving sustainable, so we decided it was the right time to restructure and provide rehabilitation, health and social adult care.

“The loan we received from Charity Bank was key to taking this significant step, affording us the breathing space to reassess and develop a solid business plan for moving forwards. Not only did Charity Bank give us the financial support to realise our ambitions, but also provided much wider business advice and access to peer support from other charities. They were so supportive throughout the whole process and were as excited about and invested in our plans as we were.

“We now have a fantastic well-rounded service. We offer physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, counselling, psychotherapy, a range of spiritual services and wellbeing activities, and a cafe that provides a community hub for both our patients and the public. We offer respite care in assisted stay accommodation and nurse and therapy led rehabilitation in our reablement unit, as well as guest rooms for those on our retreats, courses or those who simply want to enjoy a break in a safe and beautiful environment.

“Social lenders are so important for charities like ours, as they aren’t just interested in quick financial outcomes but in long-term, wide-reaching social outcomes. Working with Charity Bank meant we were able to invest in exciting projects that were unlikely to have received funding from a high-street bank, like our social prescribing scheme which aims to support people’s physical and mental health through social activity and interaction. This alone could have a huge, positive impact on many people’s lives and it’s been made possible thanks to Charity Bank and its savers.”

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